domenica 22 febbraio 2015

After The Break


 Hi guys ! i'm back .. after a month .
I'm so sorry but this period was so demanding  due to my exams !
Yeah i have studied so much ; i have spent all my days with my      books of economy , cinema , psychology , methodology and organization so .. yes i'm exhausted !
By the way now i'm going to university for my lessons so from today i will be able to dedicate much time to the blog ! 
what else ?! ah ehm it's about my last exam ( economy ) :
for me it was so difficult! so " i promised " that if i had been promoted ,i would have dyed my hair ... with a sort of blue- green color . YES i do it ! but it's semipermanent .
After this i take time for myself  : i went to sushi ( i'm in love with sushi totally ) , i went out with my friend , with my boy and i really enjoyed !
Now guys i must go ! i'll post my look at the weekend but you can follow me on instagram ! 
Have a nice week ! 

instagram : milca_way